Frog Con

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Frog Con is an online convention hosted by Frog Cult, with the mission of helping frogs in the wild and supporting artists. In 2021, I assembled an executive team and together we held Frog Con 2021 in October 2021. It was a hugely sucessful event with over 800 attendees and raising over 5000 CAD for charity and independent frog artists. During the event, we held online panels where attendees could learn more aobut frogs, a virtual exhibitors hall with over 100 artists, sold exclusive merchandise and frog gummy raffle tickets to raise money for charity, and much more. Frog Con was by far my largest and most involved project to date, and I am very excited to share it with you and continue it in the future!

Out website is still up for everyone to see if you'd like to check it out!

For our first Frog Con event, we decided to go with the theme "kidcore" - a style which is a throwback to things reminiscent of childhood, such as primary colours and toys. With a bright colour scheme and playful illustrations, we wanted the first Frog Con to feel lively and exciting. The initial logo concept was made by our exec Lucie (@seadaddle) and I refined it to be consistent with Frog Cult branding.
Our featured artist krispy illustrated these perfect icons for the website.
Using Shopify as our host, we designed a website so all our attendees could easily access the different parts of the convention. With custom coding, we were able to bring the Frog Con 2021 brand to life and create exciting content for everyone. Check it out here!

Frog Con Merch

The merchandise designs were a collaborative effort between our exec team and featured artists. 50% of profits went to charity and other 50% to the artists to made the designs. I was in charge of the official Frog Con 2021 designs.

Official Frog Con 2021 merch
Frog Con 2021 Featured Artist merch

Social Media

The have a succesful event, we needed it to market it well, which was mainly through social media as well as emails. We started promoting and inviting artists to the event many months before it was held.