Community is How - Vaccination Campaign

Visual identity, Social media, Print design

The Laotion American National Alliance (LANA) is a non-profit dedicated to advancing the social and economic well-being of multi-ethnic Laotian Americans through civic engagement and public policy advocacy. During my time at KITS Creativ, we collaborated with LANA to create a bilingual COVID-19 vaccination campaign to encourage Laotian Americans to get vaccinated. I was responsible for creating the visual identity and directing the creation of social media assets, as well as print campaign materials including a brochure, posters, and a mailer.

Community is How campaign logos

A common symbol in Laos, the Phaya Naga, a legendary serpent, was chosen as the mascot for the campaign, as it symbolizes protection and is easily recognized by members of the target audience - Laotian Americans. As opposed to visuals of needles and bangages which might be off-putting, we decided to take a cultural and community approach to engage our audience, hence the campaign name Community is How.

Community is How brochure
Community is How mailer
Community is How posters
Community is How iphone mockups
Community is How social media posts