Frog Cult

Personal Project, Branding, Web Design

Frogs are cool! And a lot of people (including myself) adore them. Frog Cult is a community I created to help unite frog lovers and support froggy artists. We have over 60 artists signed up right now and keep growing! The website is still in the works but please feel free to check it out.

Green logo on black Black logo on green
Logo sketches Logo sketches
The Frog Cult logo was my first attempt at a hand-drawn logo. Loosely inspired by Cooper Black, it is much heavier and rounder, giving the logo a soft yet somewhat intimidating feel. Maybe I'll turn it into a typeface one day.

Frog Cult Merch

Our merchandise is used to provide financial support to our froggy artists, and goes towards funding future events and activities for the Frog Cult community.